Whats In the Winery

Here is a list of what we are currently making while learning to make wine.  Please note nothing listed here is for sale, but for informational purposes only.  This is our experiments with our estate grapes.

What’s Sleepin’

20 bottles – 2010 Estate Shiraz
80 bottles – 2010 Estate 75 % Shiraz/25 % Norton blend
30 bottles – 2010 Estate Norton

What’s Cookin’

23 Gallons – 2011 Estate Shiraz
6 Gallons – 2011 Estate Viognier Blend (90% Viognier, 5% Vignoles, 5% Apple)
2 Gallons – 2011 Salado Cabernet Sauvignon
13 Gallons – 2011 Salado Norton
8 Gallons – 2011 Estate Norton



We plan to use small-scale professional wine making equipment to crush, de-stem, and press the grapes at the winery after each harvest.  The juice will be stored in stainless steel tanks and stored until the following year when the wine is ready to be bottled.  Depending on the variety and characteristics of the grape harvest we may blend the juice and use a small amount of oak to bring out the full flavor of each wine.


Construction of the tasting room and cellar will begin sometime in 2009.  Afterwards in 2010 we will be modifying our current shop building for processing of our grapes and storage.  We would like to keep planting new vines every year.  The type and variety will greatly be influenced by current public opinion of our stock and individual tastes of our wines here at the vineyard.  Our hope is to be bonded around 2011 for our first grape harvest, and open to the public by 2012.