Whats in the Vineyard


The Beavers Family Vineyard are family-owned vineyards and a winery located within Waco, Texas.  It was founded in May of 2008 when we planted our first 300 vines.


To provide a unique and complete wine experience from the moment that you arrive.  From the spectacular tasting room that invites you to stay and enjoy our wonderfully prepared wines, to the walks down our fields of beautiful grape vines, to the tour of the cellar where we have thousands of bottles in a wondrous array of variety to choose from, to the festivities we host at various times of the year to get everyone involved in the fine art of great vines and fine wines!

OUR GRAPES (Currently 1300 vines – as of 2009)

350 Cynthiana/Norton (2008-2009)
200 Shiraz/Syrah (2008-2009)
200 Blanc Du Bois (2010)
125 Viognier (2008-2009)
100 Cabernet Sauvignon (2009)
100 Golden Muscat (2009)
100 Sangiovese (2009)
100 Villard Blanc (2009)
50 Chambourcin (2009)
50 Merlot (2009)
50 Zinfandel (2009)
25 Black Spanish/Lenoir (2009)
25 Favorite (2009)
25 Vignoles/Ravat 51 (2008)