Grapes available for sale – Going, Going, ….

We are sold out of the Seval Blanc grapes.

There is still time to get your order in however, for the Cabernet Sauvignon and Cynthiana/Norton grapes.

6000 lbs of Cabernet Sauvignon

11000 lbs of Cynthiana/Norton

These are two very good grapes for winemaking. Cynthiana Grapes are known to produce a rich, full-bodied deep red . . . → Read More: Grapes available for sale – Going, Going, ….

3 Varieties of Grapes available for purchase

As we are getting closer to our grand opening (no eta, sorry), we are making a lot of great contacts with local grape growers in our area.

Currently we have:

8000 lbs of Cabernet Sauvignon

3000 lbs of Seyval Blanc

14000 lbs of Cynthia/Norton

We expect the first batch of Seyval Blanc grapes to . . . → Read More: 3 Varieties of Grapes available for purchase

When to harvest: pH vs TA

In all of my research, everything tells me that to harvest grapes at a pH of > 3.5 is inviting spoilage or microbe growth. The recommended pH of a wine for reds is around 3.5. Microbes thrive in a pH > 4.0. And the optimum pH for bacterial multiplication is 4.2-4.5.

From the time . . . → Read More: When to harvest: pH vs TA

Norton Pressing – 2010

We pressed the Norton wine today. It is always nice when family comes over and wants to help. Here you can see my daughter and little James helping with the press.

We were able to get a full 15 gallons from the Norton grape harvest this year. We put it all in a 15 . . . → Read More: Norton Pressing – 2010

Norton Grapes Harvested 2010

We harvested our Norton grapes on Saturday. It took about an hour, and the crop was a little bigger than I first anticipated. Afterward we sat on the back porch and enjoyed some of dad’s famous smoked pork. It turned out excellent. The shoulders had a good half inch of a red smoke ring . . . → Read More: Norton Grapes Harvested 2010