When are grapes harvested in texas

The berries have all turned into a nice deep purple color, the irrigation is keeping them alive, sprays have been applied to keep the bugs out, so now what?

Now we wait! The ideal time to pick grapes is not easily determined. Grapes look and taste very good as soon as they start turning . . . → Read More: When are grapes harvested in texas

Norton Grapes Harvested 2010

We harvested our Norton grapes on Saturday. It took about an hour, and the crop was a little bigger than I first anticipated. Afterward we sat on the back porch and enjoyed some of dad’s famous smoked pork. It turned out excellent. The shoulders had a good half inch of a red smoke ring . . . → Read More: Norton Grapes Harvested 2010

A Pressing Engagement (Viognier 2010)

Sunday I pressed the Viognier white grapes. I let the juice maturate on the skins for about 12 hours before pressing. This gives the skins just a little time to break down and impart some of their tannins, antioxidants and flavors into the must. This is done not only so that the wine will . . . → Read More: A Pressing Engagement (Viognier 2010)