Spring 2013 – Bud Break and Growth

Its spring, and the vines are once again doing their thing.. growing!!! I always love the first of spring seeing the growth and knowing once again that the vines survived another winter.

First let me apologize for the lack of updates, I will be better this year keeping everybody informed on what is going on here at the Beavers Family Vineyard this year. What do yall think about weekly updates.. if nothing else, just showing pictures of the vines throughout the year?

To make it up, here are several new pictures of the vineyard from last week and today!

IMG_0124   IMG_0128   IMG_0125  IMG_0126

So much has already happened this year, I do not really know where to begin.

First we went through all the vines and took out the ones that did not make it. This included about 6 vines from the back vineyard. Some were very healthy last year, so it was a supprise that those did not make it. But oh well moving on.

Next, we cut down all of the weeds and have been cultivating the area under the vines to keep it nice and clean this year – weed free. This will include several applications of round up over the next couple of months because of some Johnson grass that has decided to take root in the back vineyard. That stuff is nasty and I want to try as much as I can to keep it thinning out.

On to the big news. We have taken out all of our Shiraz vines. In all, we planted 200 Shiraz vines. Out of all the varieties that we planted those were by far the worst performing and susceptible to diseases. I would estimate that over 60% of them died over the course of 4 years since we planted them. Yet, the vines around them all look very healthy. So I am unsure if it was the soil, the type of variety, etc, but whatever it was, they definitely did not like it here. So they are gone. In their place we have planted Zinfandel vines. In a seperate post, I will show some pictures of us planting the new cuttings in the middle vineyard.

Finally in the winery news…

We dumped our entire batch of red wine from last year. We learned some things of what to do and what not to do, and I will cover that in a post all in itself, as it was really disappointing. The wine started of so well too.. 🙁 I’m just glad the 30 gallons of white wine did not suffer. It wont last long.. 🙂 We have already drank about 3 gallons between family and friends since I opened the container during the last raking in Feb. Once I am able to sell it, I have a feeling that it wont last long on the shelves.

As for the tasting room, it is still being worked on. The building is cleaned out, and we are doing some repairs to the roof right now before we start on the interior.

That should be enough for now, but I’ll keep yall posted weekly at least from now on this year. Until then!

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