Pulling up diseased grape vines

Also, as we are waiting on the grapes, it is a good time to start marking vines that are dying, diseased, or just plain wont make it. These need to be marked so they can be removed in the fall and replanted in the spring. Here in Texas we have quite a few diseases, and the most deadly of them is the Pierces Disease. This is a virus that kills grape vines. As you can see from these pictures, these two grape vines are dying. One of them looks like it was cracked from a freeze over the winter but the root system is still alive, and the other looks like a disease attacked it. Either way, we don’t want the problem to spread, so we mark them and take them out.

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  • tdlc

    Regarding the Flextanks. I live in deep south texas so we dont have naturally cooling enviornments/cellars, etc… How would you recommend chilling or cooling juice when using a Flextank? looked online but no luck. site!

  • Jeff Beavers

    If you want to cool a larger batch, there are a couple of ways. The first, is to put it in a cool room. I created my wine cellar and it works perfectly for me, I just turn down the temperature in the little room and it works great. The window unit can cool to 60 degrees alone, but by hooking up a external thermostat I made, I can get it down to 35 degrees in the room if I need it, using only a window air conditioner. Here is a link to the little cellar I made.

    In the second picture in the link you can see the AC unit on the wall. The room is 8×10.

    However, as an alternative, using the water tote, you can put the flextank inside it, and fill it with water. Then add ice as needed to keep the water down to a temperature you can live with. This works fairly well, just be sure you have enough ice to keep it cool, it helps if the room you are fermenting in, is not outside in the 100’s. Just be sure to put the flex tank in the tote before you fill it with grapes, as it will get VERY heavy, as I”m sure you are aware.

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