Estate Norton Grapes 2011

We are getting ready to harvest our Norton/Cynthania grapes this coming weekend. I thought I would take a few snapshots and a quick video to show off the grapes. They are looking really good and are getting ripe. Right now they are at 21 Brix and climbing. Climbing rather rapidly with this heat. The temperatures are expected to be up to 110 by wed, and averaging 107 for the week. So it is entirely possible that the grapes may shrivel enough to be harvested earlier than sat.

The Norton grapes have been by far the best wine that we have made here at the Beavers Family Vineyard and Winery so far. The Norton wine has a lot of similarities to Cabernet Sauvignon. At least the  way I make it. I tend to use the grapes to make a Big Bold wine that has long skin contact time. Last year this was 8 days, this year I will be experimenting with a 21 day on the skins extended maceration. The wine is so big and bold that they only way to tame it is to make it suffer a malolactic secondary fermentation, and then finally stew for months in medium plus french oak. That aught to tame the beast. Of course because of all the punishment it will be undergoing, it will have to sit in a nice quiet spot in the cellar for a few years to calm down and mellow out.

Every year I like to take pictures and sometimes a video like this one showing off the Norton vines. I love these vines the best because of how many clusters they have all lined up in a nice row ready for pickin’. Each vine has around 30 clusters on it. We are hoping for around 400-450 lbs this year. Each year the vines are getting more mature and we are letting more and more grapes grow on them. Eventually we will reach a point where the vines are no longer able to sustain/ripen any more. I do not know how much that will be, but I am hoping it will fill at least a full barrel (60 gallons) of wine!

Anyway, I hope you like this minute in the Beavers Family Vineyards.


Here are some pictures of the same vines, loaded with grapes.

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