Grape growth – May 2011 – Happy vines

Its picture time again in the vineyard. The grapes are growing, and getting bigger. As you can see from the pictures, they are very happy vines. Here we can see some of the norton grapes, and some of the viognier. I still need to get around to doing the panorama again this year. It is so exciting to see how the vines are progressing from year to year.

It is still pretty early, and the grapes have not yet reached verasion where they change colors from green to dark purple. I can tell however, that there will be grapes-a-plenty come harvest. I would guess that there will be atleast a 30% increase in production from last year (hopefully more). As you can see from the pictures, there is still quite a bit of vegetative growth, so I might be able to get even more next year. But only time will tell. Basically to determine how many grapes I can grow is based on the amount of growth of the vines during one growing season.

The norton vines as you can see here are starting to overtake the trellis. Later this year (this fall) we will be adding some arbor arms to the norton vines. This basically means adding an a-frame on top/between the rows to give the norton vines more room to grow. I have attached a picture below. Only the Norton vines will be receiving this new trellis system, as they are the only ones that are growing far and beyond their allotted space. I have been having to take clippers and trim them off of the ground every month.

Here is the old system.

This will be the new trellis system.

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