Wine Racks – So much wine and so little time

I finally got a chance to spend a little time in the wine cellar. With the wine that we made last year getting very close to bottling time, I decided the cellar needed a little love.

A little background… This will be my personal wine cellar, but right now it is being constructed as a test site for the larger wine cellar that will be tied to the winery. But for now this gives us a small place to experiment with to see how a wine cellar is constructed, and the things NOT to do when designing one.

Previously, we added insulation (r-13) to the walls, added a vapor barrier, and some 4″ rigid foam insulation (r-15) to the walls. This basically made the room like a little igloo. With the white styrofoam showing on the inside it really looked like one indeed. I’ll have to try and find that picture.

At any rate, then we added composit paneling to the walls. This was our first learning mistake. Almost instantly overnight mould and all kinds of weird things started growing on the walls. We found out that only real wood holds up to the high humidity and cool temperatures, so out it went. Then we installed some plywood and stained, sealed, and coated it. So far, it seems to be holding up much better if not perfect.

Yesterday, we started constructing the wine racks. These were made from Premium WD wood easily purchased from Home Depot or other hardware stores. It took some time but after we made a suitable template they started going together pretty quickly. We stained them with English Chestnut, and althought I am biased, I think they turned out very well.

We still have the other 2 walls to go, but it is coming along quite nicely. So far, it is only costing about a .35 cents a bottle to put up the wine racks. This little wine room should hold around 900 bottles when all completed. The one rack in the picture holds 361 bottles (19×19). I had hoped that the entire room would cost less than 1k, but it looks like we might go over by a couple hundred. All the little things like staples, stain, etc I did not account for in the original plans.

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