Proposed Winery Tower – 45 ft view of vineyard

We have made a proposal to the city planners to add a tower to the winery development plans. This video shows the vineyard from a 45 ft height. This is the planned height of the tower. It takes about two minutes to get up to max height and then I pan the camera around a little to give a feel of the view.

Being a medieval buff I have always wanted something like this, and it is nice to at least have the chance for yet one more dream to come true. It will take several years to build the tower, building it one level at a time. Buildings like this are very unique and stand out, and thus are not always easy to get approved, but you have to start somewhere. The bottom

The video is a year old, taken when we were building the 60k gallon water tank. It was needed to move the upper panels on the tank into position. While we had it we took several pictures of the vineyard from different locations and heights. Enjoy the view.


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