Norton/Cynthania Vines starting to grow

Spring is in the air, and it is getting very busy in the vineyard.

Here you can see the Norton vines just starting to come alive. These vines are by far one the hardiest types of the vines I have planted. They never seem to be bothered by molds, fungus, or disease in general. They are very tolerant to our crazy texas weather (rain, drought, heat). The only down side is they make very small clusters compared to the other vines, so it takes more vine(s) to make the same amount of wine to say the Shiraz. Also, the wine made from them is good, but it (in my opinion) needs to be blended to adjust for the high acid that these vines seem prone to having. But for long term analysis, it will definately be a keeper here at the vineyard. Most of the grapes we have are usually very low in acid, so having something to blend with (besides chemicals) is always better.

Its very busy here in the vineyard. With the vines growing, the trellis is in need of repair, the irrigation lines need to be tied back up where the zip ties break, water shoots need to be cut off from the bottoms of the vines, vines tied up where they do not attach to the trellis wires, and the list goes on and on.

It has been soo windy this past month, I have not had an opportunity to apply roundup to the rows yet, and it has been a struggle fighting the weeds. I keep hoping that we will either get rain or a day without wind so I can do something about them. We have not had any rain in over a month and that is unusual for spring here in central Texas.

We tasted the 30 gallons of Shiraz and Norton wines (which will be blended later on). We added french oak just before the new year. So, they have been sitting on oak for just over 3 months now. And I have to say the wine is progressing very well. This is by far the best round of wine we have made to date. A part of me wants to go ahead and bottle it now and start enjoying it. We will have about 150 bottles. But hopefully patience will win out. It is just difficult knowing that it tastes soo good and is just sitting there behind a layer of glass taunting me to keep taking a taste here and there. I am trying my best to at least have it bulk aged for 12 months before I bottle. So far 8 months and counting…. and counting…. and there it is right over there.. maybe just one more taste…


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