Its soo quiet at the Vineyard this time of year

I must admit that this time of year, it is very slow going at the vineyard and winery. There really is not that much to do. The vines are slowly going to sleep (todo add picture here), and loosing all of their leaves in preparation for winter. The wine is getting settled in, and in a week or less will undergo cold stabilization, and the beginning of any additions I need to make. Mainly this involves adjusting the acid levels, sulphite, and oak additions.

We did just open a gallon of the Viognier wine, that was left from the bigger 3 gallon batch, and to my surprise it was fantastic this year. I can only assume that the combination of the more mature grapes, the colder fermentation temperatures, and the better yeast is to be thanked. We opened the gallon, and drank it right there on the spot with some family that was visiting for thanksgiving. The best part of the Viognier wine, is that while it fermented completely, it was still off dry. Ie, not totally dry, but not sweet by any means. Just RIGHT! The fruit taste was very pronounced and vibrant. The alcohol percent came in at around 12.5%, and overall had a light flavor. Everybody said they thought it was a Riesling and not a typical Viognier. Now, I really cant wait to see how the rest of the 3 gallons keeps maturing over the next few months, I mean if it is that good now… WOW!

For those that have been following the website, I am putting together a book and video tutorial of all my experiences both successes and failures over the years that I have had making wine. I try to go into as much detail as possible and show step by step what to do and when. I’ll post more details later, but if you are interested and want to get it before everybody else, at a discount, drop me an email or comment to this thread.

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