August, 7, 2010 – Crush/Harvest time at Waco Vineyard

This Saturday, we will be harvesting our last batch of grapes. These are the deep south Norton grapes that are practically made for this area. I have been watching the numbers of sugar, acid, and pH, and the grapes are ready to be plucked, squished, and put into a vat.

For those that love numbers as much as I do, currently the Brix/Sugar is at 23 degrees. The pH is at 4.1, and the Total Acid is at 0.8%. This is pretty close to the ideals, that I would like to have. Actually, if the numbers are any indication, this may turn out to be the best wine yet.

If you would like to come out and participate, please let me know we have room for more.

We will begin this Saturday at 9:00 AM and head into the front vineyard. Picking will take around an hour or less depending on who all show up. Afterwords, we will throw the grapes into the destemmer/crusher and into the fermenter. Finally, round 9:30-10 then we will have refreshments and some hot dogs for those that want to stay a little while longer.

If you have ever thought about making some home made wine, or just want to see the process, please come out.

To make your reservation, please call Jeff at 254-304-1943. If I’m out in the field, just leave a message, and I’ll call you back.

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