Video – Crushing and Destemming the Shiraz Grapes 2010

I have one video that I wanted to share to show the crusher/destemmer. It was after dark when we did it, so please ignore the messy garage, lol. We loaded about 450 lbs of grapes this time into it. I was surprised at just how fast this thing operates. I would guesstimate that it will crush and then destem 30 pounds of grapes in 30 seconds. Actually, I just looked up the numbers, and this particular machine will operate at 3 tons per hour, which works out to 30 pounds in 30 seconds.. man I’m that good. It is hard to see in the video, but all of the stems get dumped out the side, where we had a garbage bag being held up to collect them. Then of course, out the bottom comes the crushed grapes, and juice. Now, this is not considered a press, so the grapes are not squished, only crushed. Each grape has its skin crushed to the point where it is split open. I hope you enjoy the video.

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