Vineyard Update – Growing Grapes June 2010

Its been a while since my last post, but things have been all but quiet here in the vineyard. Most importantly, I met with the Small Business Association, and they are helping me finish my Business plan. This will be a big step forward, as it will outline exactly what will take place to become a full fledged winery that is sustainable.  I wont go into much details yet, because, frankly, we don’t have much to tell.  But as it progresses, I will put the information here for others starting out in the wonderful world of making wine so that others may also fulfill their dream to have a winery.

Next, I was able to get the irrigation, fixed, and fully automated (again).  Last year, due to time constraints, the irrigation, was just laid out on the ground with water hoses connecting the main irrigation lines.  Now, its all PVC, and fully automated by a Toro 53806 Lawn Master II 6-Zone Landscape Sprinkler System Water Timer.  What is nice about this system, is I can tell it what zones I want to water, and when, and how long.  I can even tell it that during the summer, add a percentage longer time, etc.

Beyond that I wanted to update with some pictures of the vineyard and grapes.

Of course, I always start with my favorite, the Shiraz:

Next we have the Viognier:

And finally the Nortons.

As you can see, the nortons are by far the most hearty of  the vines.  They are overgrowing the trellis system.  So, when this happens, you are supposed to expand the trellis.  I have chosen to try a Slanted style of system, where I will expand the tops of the trellis and connect them with A frames.  Its much easier to show with a picture, so here it is.

I haven’t decided yet how tall to make this, as I want to be able to get my mower under the rows, but I want to also not have to have a step ladder to reach the grapes, lol.  But this is an idea of what it will sorta of look like when its done.

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