Panorama View 2010 – Norton Vines growing strong

I like to do this every year, take a panoramic view of the front vineyard. This is the view as seen from the road driving into my place. What is nice about this, is that I can use it for comparison to see the changes taking place from a broader perspective. Below you can see the view from 2008, and the view I took yesterday. Quite a difference. The vines in 2008, were just planted, and just starting their long climb to the top of the trellis. But here in 2010, things have changed. Now the vines have reached the top, and are still looking for places to expand. They are wonderfully sprawling into the middle of the rows, and telling the world that they are happy little climbers. Next, year, I will have the Slanted trellis’s attached to the top of the rows, and give the little guys room to expand, and hopefully double the grape production. They are very happy, and seem more than willing to go the extra climb. I think it will make some very good pictures next year too, from looking under the rows, with the grape vines growing all on top, kinda like an arbor, or something similar. But, nevertheless, enjoy the updated picture, and the new website header image.

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