June 2010 – Pivotrim Weedeater Head For the Win!!!

I was in the vineyards this week weedeating. I do this mainly, because I am trying to be as organic as I can when it comes to making my wine and growing my grapes. I try to use as little chemicals as possible in the fields. This means that I spend several days in the field over the course of the summer weed-eating. I have tried many different weedeater heads, but I have finally found the best one for trimming around young vines. You see, the problem, is that most weedeater heads, will slice the vine or worse, will cut the vine in half at the ground while you are trying to get the weeds down. However, the PIVOTRIM Trimmer Head weed-eater, doesn’t. I think its because it uses 8 strands of twine to cut with with. What happens, is that instead of slicing the vine, it bends around it and thus doesn’t break the bark and open up the vine to infection. I have tried others, and they spin so fast that it hurts the vine more than it helps with the weeds. Another nice thing about this particular head, is that you don’t have to load it up with all 8 strands, you can only use 4 of them, two on each side, and it will cut just like a regular trimmer. But for my purposes, I load it up with all of them and it cuts just fine. Here you can see, I just trimmed around a vine, without any damage. Here I only used 4 lines (2 on each side – which is 2 strands, bent in half, and attached to make 4 pieces that cut with).

Its hard to tell, what I mean by how many strands, I used, so here is a picture to help clarify.

I only use two double strands, because I was trying to weedeat Johnson grass.  That stuff can get up to 7 feet tall, and over half an inch thick.  Here is what my vine rows looked like before:

And here is the after.. you can see it all over the place, dying on the ground.

All that said, to sum up, if you want a good method of cutting around your vines, but you dont want to hurt the vines, then you should use the Pivotrim weedeater head.

Here is a link to buy it, tell them I sent ya.

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