65k Gallon Water tank – Tier 3 done

Whew, the tank is up!!!. Just need to finish putting all the bolts. Ran out of bolts and have some more ordered. Here is a pic of the inside.

I also took some pictures of the back vineyards, while I had the boom lift working on the tank. These are pretty neat seeing the vineyard from a different perspective.

This week, in my spare time I have been weed eating the back vineyard.  With all of the heat last year, they vines did not do very well, I lost about 20% of them.  Not as bad as I had originally thought, but still bad to loose so many vines at one time.  But this year I’m trying to stay on top of keeping them trimmed, trained, and weed free.  I’m about 3/4 of the way done with that task.   I’ll take some good pics of the back vineyards when done.  There are about 800 vines back there still alive and growing.  Having 800 new vines right now is about all one person can manage, when doing everything.  The front 300 vines, now that they are established, only require sparse maintenance, but the back ones require constant tending, training, and trimming.  I’ll be glad when they are a year older so I can spray roundup back there to keep the weeds down.

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