65k Water Tank Progress April 2010

We have started again on putting up the 65k Gallon Water tank for irrigation of the vines. Here, we it all set out on the ground where the pieces should go.

We didn’t know how to get to the bottom of the bolt heads to hold them in place, so we decided to put the entire thing up on blocks so we could reach them. Its what happens when you buy second hand, some pieces get left out. But, that never has stopped us. It worked out rather well. Here we are starting to put it all together.

And here, we have the bottom all assembled. I’m just putting in the last couple of bolts.

Of course, now that it is all together, we have to drop it to the ground.  I wish we had of gotten some pictures of that, because it was not easy. We lifted the entire thing off the blocks with chains and gently set it down. Now that the hard part was done, we had a little fun.

Now on to the sides… the is the first of many.

Next week, we’ll put up yet even more sides and maybe even get to the second layer.  There will be 3 layers in all.

This is not my tank, but one I found that is an exact duplicate of what mine will look like.  This is the Ross, Texas city water tank.

More next week…

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