65k Water Tank – Tier 2

Whew.. we just finished putting up the second tier of the water tank. This thing is really starting to look BIG now. Basically we have gone around and just put enough bolts to hold it up at this point. Once we have it all up, we will come back and put in all of the bolts.  Keep in mind that each panel on the sides take around 250 bolts… EACH.  That’s a lot of bolts.  I still cant get over how many bolts we have been putting in this thing, and still yet how many more it will take to complete.

Here you can see the second tier up.  We rented some scaffolding so that we could get up there, and it worked out quite well.  The hardest part was moving the scaffolding to get in position for the next panel.  There was also a set of scaffolding in the inside of the tank.

Now the problem is tier 3.  We tried to put up the scaffolding on the outside up 4 layers… but its just too high and unstable for any of us to feel safe being up that high.  So today we are going to rent a man lift and that should make things a lot safer.  I don’t know what kind of speed we will get, but as long as its still going up, I’m happy!!!

For those interested, to get the panels up, we built a boom thingy (TM).  This is just a 6″ piece of I-Beam that we have attached to the fork lift on the skid steer.  Its 20 feet long, and the skid steer can lift 10 feet.  The total height of the water tank is 24 feet (ish, the top will be maybe a foot more), but plenty of height to get the panels up.

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