Planting day April 2009 – 1000 vines


Well, the day came at last.  1000 vines to plant.  Last year, it took us 15 people to plant 300 vines in about 8 hours.  All by hand.  This year, we decided to invest in a planting machine.  And if I had of known then when I know now, I would have paid twice what I did for it.  We planted all 1000 vines in less than 8 hours. 

Not quite as many people showed up this planting day from their experiences last time.  My wife was put to work.  Here you can see here howing some of the vines we planted a month ago to keep the weeds down.

wife killing weeds in vine row

Here, you can see Papa marking the rows with string.  He would pull a string down the row, and then drive over it with his truck.  This was a quick way to mark the rows where we would be pulling the planter. 

papa marking vine rows

Here is the beast.  This little machine is worth its weight in gold.  We modified it a little so that it dug about 14″ deep and about 5″ wide.  Dad seems very content to just sit and drive.

Dad driving the tree planter

Off to the left you can see the tire tracks from the truck marking the rows where our rows will be going.  And on the right, me in the little machine dropping vines.  The little white spec inside.. yep thats me.

planting vines with tree planter

I got to take a breather after each row.  But the nice thing, was the planter is shaded.  No sunburn for me.  Whoot!

taking a breather after planting a row of vines

Karl is watching the orange dots we made on the tire to mark where/when to plant a grape vine.  When the little dot hit the ground, he would holler our “drop”, and I would place a vine into the ground.  We would plant every half of a rotation of the tires.  This is around 6-7 feet per vine.  It is not exact, because the tire would slip in some softer places on the ground, or if the tree planter dug too deep, but it worked well enough for what I was wanting.

karl watching the dots planting grape vines

Not a very good pic, but this is the inside of the planter showing 50 vines in the side bins.  We would fill these bins up with water to keep the roots moist while we planted.

inside the tree planter

My brother showed up after a while to replace Karl.  I feel sorry for those 2 guys.. they had to walk alot.. while dad and I just rode.. 🙂

brother walking beside the tree planter

 And here, you can see we are all done.  Click for a larger panorama view.



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