Apple wine a disappointment



Well, I decided to taste the apple wine, and it is as I feared.  All I can smell and taste is sulfur.  UGH!   When you read about adding meta, almost everybody keeps saying to keep adding it at every racking.  And if you rack every 6 months, you probably do need to keep adding.  But if you rack a week, and then rack a week later, you dont need to put more in there.  Now, this is easily solved, with SO2 kits to detect how much residual sulfur is still in the wine, but I wont be making that purchase until much later this year.  So I did what the books said, and added it when I shouldn’t have. 


Here, you can see the wine is crystal clear, and if you can filter out the sulfur smell, and taste, it smells good and tastes very sweet, with a hint if apples and butter.  However, the sulpher is overwhelming.  I am going to keep the other bottles, in the rare chance that the extra sugar that was added will bond with the meta, and maybe it will be drinkable in 6 months.  If not, its down the drain.  

Well, my grandfather, says its still drinkable, but then again, he drinks wine from gallon boxes, lol.

Live and learn.

As far as a learning experience, this has been invaluable.  There are alot of nuances that you need to know that the books dont really talk about.  For instance only adding meta when you really *need* to.  Or, when racking, to be extremly careful to not move the continer around too much, else the lees will get stirred up and you will have to rack again very soon.  I’m just glad, I’m getting to practice this before the grapes are ready this august.  I’m hoping that I wont make any mistakes with the grapes, and will have something drinkable that I can start sharing with friends and family to get some feedback before the winery goes live next year.

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