Apple Wine Racked

The apple wine had just about finished fermenting.  It was actually still going albeit very slowly.  Now, that the fermentation is done, when I tasted it, it was terribly dry.  The sweetness that I had experienced a week ago is completely gone.  This is not a good thing, because now, it lacks that sweetness that I so loved.  In another week after it clears a little, I will experiment with blending with some apple juice and/or sugar to help it just a tad.  It doesn’t need much I think, but completely dry is definitely not to my tastes.

As you can see, the racking has made it cloudy again.  As I am new at raking, I don’t know if I need to be more careful in racking, or if this is normal and hence why racking several times is recommended.  I have a feeling, that if I was more careful, I could have kept it perfectly clear.  I added meta-bisulfate as well as a tablespoon of fining solution.  We’ll see how long it takes to clear this time around.

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